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Miami’s Chef Chris Valdes to Co-Host and Judge Roku Channel’s First-ever Spanish-language original

Renowned Chef Chris Valdes whose Cuban heritage is the inspiration for his Latin-inspired dishes, is set to host and judge ¡Que Delicioso!, the inaugural Spanish language original series streaming on the Roku Channel. He will host the seven-episode competition which celebrates Latin cuisine alongside Mexican-born Chef Marcela Valladolid. ¡Que Delicioso! Streams on Roku November 25th in the USA and December 1st in Mexico.

In each episode, an internationally acclaimed chef from Latin America will introduce one of their signature dishes to the show’s contestants. Both from different Latin countries themselves, the two go head-to-head as they recreate and reinvent the classics by tapping into their own cultural backgrounds for inspiration. The two expert judges decide which cook pulled off the best fusion and gets to take home the $10,000 prize. @MiamiCommunityNewspaper

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