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Steak Sandwich w Pickled jalapeño aioli by Chef Chris Valdes

The first episode of Cooking With Chris (ME! LOL) season 4 is here and of course it MUST be something that is delicious, mouthwatering, and with a touch of Miami spice... a Steak Sandwich with pickled jalapeño aioli aka Pan Con Bistec (with a twist).

Ive had MANY of these in my lifetime. Its one of Miami's most iconic sandwiches, and a HUGEEE favorite of mines. But what makes my recipes different is the Pickled Jalapeño Aioli that adds a kick of acidity and a punch of light head.

AND... how can I forget about the Cuban bread and the childhood memories that it brings along. I remember driving to the bakery with my mom every morning at 4am and picking up long, freshly baked Cuban bread loafs and the angelic smell that would stay inside of the car till we arrived to our restaurant.

Not only is this recipe easy to make but it has a unique flavor to it unlike many other sandwiches. Try it out and share it with me on social media.

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