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New Video! Strawberry Shortcake Dessert by Chef Chris Valdes

While traveling in New Orleans earlier this year, I was able to visit an amazing restaurant, the best of the best, Comander;s Palace, New Orleans most well known restaurant. After an amazing selection of dishes, I ended my meal by ordering the Strawberry shortcake, one of the most well known dessert dishes, and it was delicious. But then I thought, how can I make the typical Strawberry Shortcake even tastier? And that is where the inspiration of this dish came.

My Strawberry Shortcake recipes has not one, not two, but 4 types of berries. And even better, they are soaked in Peach Liquor. Not to mention the other layers of flavors including the Anglaise Sauce (Vanilla Sauce), Vanilla Bean whipped cream, and flaky biscuit.

Want to try an amazing dessert? Or impress with a dish? Here is the most amazing Strawberry Shortcake recipe made by me, Chris Valdes.

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