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The story behind the Miami Chef, Chris Valdes - Healthy Miami Magazine

“Food is amazing, and I dare to call it one of the most precious gifts God has given us."

A native of his beloved Miami, Chef Chris Valdes fuses Caribbean flavors with an irresistible Latin flair. This dynamic chef masterfully blends his Cuban roots with an insatiable curiosity to create innovative recipes that satisfy even the most discerning palates.

His drive to extend his reach far and wide prompted him to think outside of the box and to strive for more in both his recipes and in life. From sharing his skills via YouTube with his Cooking with Chris videos to traveling the world to find inspiration for his next culinary adventure, Chris is transforming the way people eat, one delicious meal at a time.

Raised in a family that honored food, family, and fun, Chris learned long ago that making a connection with others and creating an experience that will resonate for years to come was what life inside and outside of the kitchen was all about. His Cuban upbringing provided the basis for what is now not only his career but his mission: to create an experience that holds true to his mantra “Cook. Laugh. Eat.”

Le Cordon Bleu trained, Chris has amassed a wealth of knowledge, but more importantly, has honed in on the essence of who he is and what his cooking philosophy is. He’s taken those elements with a nod to his upbringing and created a growing food revolution that honors the raw beauty of natural ingredients and pays homage to the zeal for life and the humble valor of his family and his Cuban brethren. Each dish is designed to satisfy cravings and to give diners an experience they’ll not soon forget.

Fused with his signature unique ingredients – Latin Sazon and love – every morsel of his savory, mouth-watering dishes invite diners into a world they might not have ever known and encourages them to continue to move beyond their comfort zones and explore a wide variety of simple, elegant, and irresistible cuisine.

In addition to his talents in the kitchen, Chris also enjoys traveling, acting, and finding new ways to make human connections. An adventurer at heart, this multi-talented creative is well on his way to create movement in the food world. His passion, dedication, and hard-to-beat enthusiasm draws people into his world and makes him want to do more to transform the sometimes bland and ubiquitous flavor profiles most of us have grown familiar with and turn them on their heads. It is his belief that food and fun can go hand in hand. Chris goes above and beyond what is expected to deliver scrumptious meals that stand out from the competition and leave diners craving for more. Chef Chris invites you all to get cooking with him on his youtube channels “Cooking with Chris.”

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