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Interview with Younico

Even though I'd love to have chefs on the podcast all the time, I really can't because I'd fall back to my fat ways. The owner of "Best Chefs" catering company and head chef for the show "Cooking With Chris," Miami native Chris Valdes, makes your mouth water with his delectable food and unique fusion of Latin and French cuisine. He was kind enough to make me my first ever strawberry shortcake, and I can say when I was finished, I almost ate the damn spoon! If you're hungry this might not be the episode to listen to on an empty stomach. So grab some grub and expect an erotic description of one of our most basic human needs!

Also, if you liked to get in contact with Chris his Instagram is chrisvaldes1 and his Facebook is chrisvaldes91. You can watch his episodes for his new "Cooking With Chris" show on his Youtube page at chrisvaldes or if you want to know more about him and catch all his news his website is chefchrisvaldes.com

Send me questions or comments on Twitter @Younicooo or Instagram @younico. If you prefer email, send it to nicolasommati@hotmail.com. Also, please subscribe on iTunes if you haven’t already.

Intro Song: "Counting Stars" by Nujabes Outro Song: "Amore" by Dean Martin All Rights Reserved. *Not for Profit*

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