Chris Valdes

A native, born and raised in Miami, Chef Chris Valdes has created a delectable and fun approach to the kitchen. He is a remarkable young man, with a gifted palate and a unique ability to create amazing dishes. He fuses Caribbean flavors with modern influences to create thought provoking dishes that are easy to make. Disciplined, creative, and detail oriented are just a few words to describe his engaging persona. His relentless drive to create and share his innovative recipes has led him to dabble in creating YouTube videos and open a catering business. Chef Chris is devoted to cooking, but most importantly, to sharing his love for the culinary arts with everyone.

"More is More"

Raised in a Cuban family that owned several restaurants, Chef Chris’ passion for cooking began at an early age. As a child, he had an insatiable curiosity to learn the ins and outs of the kitchen and questioned the use of ingredients and how they were used on a constant basis. He partook in daily meals and cooked with his mother often, a habit that he believes strengthens the family and brings people together. His mother cultivated this knowledge and passion - leading him to cook his very first meal for his family at the ripe age of 10. Not only did he draw inspiration from his family, he recalls with nostalgia the days he would turn on the T.V. and see Emeril Lagasse cooking up storms in the kitchen. Emeril’s likable character and simply delicious meals motivated Chef Chris to strive to join the ranks.

Chef Chris continued to pursue his dream throughout high school, gaining the recognition of his classmates and teachers. At one point he entered a cooking contest and lost which almost caused him to completely change careers and pursue a career as an attorney. However, as luck would have it he was unknowingly entered by a supportive teacher in a cooking competition that awarded him a $10,000 scholarship to attend Le Cordon Bleu. Within a month of graduating from Le Cordon Bleu he hosted his very first prominent catering event. Today, Chef Chris has his very own catering business “Best Chefs Catering”, and has been in the business for over 7 years.

Chef Chris is looking to share his zeal and knowledge of the kitchen with other people. “Cooking with Chris” is an experience like no other; he wants to welcome people into the kitchen to create and enjoy his dishes. His style is unique in that he uses fresh staple ingredients and transforms them into bold flavorful dishes. He says, “I love to use ingredients in new ways to create flavors and textures that speak for themselves”. His approach to cooking is exciting and easy making it possible for anyone to cook like a chef even if they aren’t one. As his mantra says “Cook. Laugh. Eat.”

Chef Chris joined the cast of Food Networks "Food Network Star" Season 14 and Star Salvation making it a milestone dream come true to be part of the Network he once dreamed of as a child.

When he is not in the kitchen, Chef Chris’ hobbies include traveling and acting. He enjoys acting out scenes and monologues and finds himself most at home entertaining his followers on YouTube with videos of “Cooking with Chris”. An adventurer and creator at heart, he finds inspiration in his travels to create new takes on his plates or to create an entirely new dish. On his recent travels he went to 12 different bakeries in New York to taste 12 different macaroons in order to discover what makes one, the perfect one. His enthusiasm and dedication to his career knows no limits. Entrepreneur, aspiring Actor and Chef- Chris Valdes is a hardcore fan of the Kitchen that sees food and the art of transforming it into a meal an experience to be shared with everyone. “Food is amazing and I dare to call it one of the most

precious gifts God has given us.”

Written by : Giselle Castrillon

"do what you love"

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